Carpet Repair

carpetroomTorn or ripped, bulging, wavy, burnt, discolored, stained carpet? you might have thought it’s beyond repair, these are common problems faced by your carpets over a period of time, they are unsightly and may not be safe to walk on to. Don’t you worry because Carpets by Don is here to extend and save the life of your carpets.

everyone loves their carpet to be as fine and smooth when their feet walk on it. Let our experts come to your house and do the job on your carpeting. We guarantee that we can handle any carpet repair job(as long as it is still repairable), whether it is complex, small or big. In rare cases that your carpet is beyond repair, we at Carpets by Don also give recommendations to help our customer.

There are many ways to repair a carpet, usually depending on what needs to be repaired and how extensive it is.
The Carpet Repair Process:
For Torn/ripped and burnt carpet, our carpet experts will patch the damaged area with an identical piece of carpet, usually taken from a good piece(wardrobe area/hidden location) and hot-glued into its place. The area taken from will then be replaced with a matching piece of carpet from our suppliers, with all the changes inconspicuous.  In addition to this we also smooth out those bulging and worn areas, We can guarantee your satisfaction by making it look and feel as new.


We repair carpets in Bloomington, Bedford and Martinsville

Have your damaged carpets checked now! Our professional carpet repair service can make the difference in your home.  Carpets by Don recommends that you get your carpet repaired before the damage worsens and to have it back to its former beauty. We serve the greater area of Bloomington, Bedford, Mitchell. Call Don today!