Caroet Stretching

Bring Back that Smooth Carpet Surface

Carpet StretchDoes your carpet have ripples, wrinkles, rolls or buckles? When a carpet get loose it can be unsightly and can become a hazard. Don’t wait till someone trips or fall over, contact Carpets by Don for carpet re-stretching whenever those wrinkles begin to appear.

Improper installation, heavy foot traffic, moving of heavy furniture, and old age can wear out carpet’s elasticity, causing wrinkles to appear. Don’t let anyone to do the job, a poorly stretched carpet wears faster than a properly stretched one.

Our power stretching equipment and Professional flooring experts will make sure that the job is done properly to your carpet.

Avoid extra expense of replacement!

We guarantee that the money spent on re-stretching will be worth the satisfaction you will get than spending a lot for replacement. Our flooring experts can fix your carpet and bring it back to it’s former beauty. Invest with professional carpet stretching, it can make a difference in your home and business floor.

Bloomington – Bedford – Martinsville Flooring Experts

Trust only the expert! Let our experienced, skilled and professional staff restore your carpet to its former glory. Call Don today for an evaluation and free estimate!

We will send out an expert to re-stretch your carpet to extend its life!