Wood Floors - Mitchell

Aside from adding warmth and beauty to your property, hardwood floors/flooring is also a good investment to increase the structural strenght and the value of your home.

There are different kinds of hardwoods floors to choose from. Hardwood floors comes in different types, colors and gloss levels which will definitely compliment your home.

There two types of of hardwood floors:

  • Solid Wood Floor/Flooring
    – this type of hardwood floors are made out of solid planks milled from a single timber. This type of floor also has a thicker surface and can be finished more than an engineered wood floor.
  • Engineered Wood Floor/Flooring
    – Is the most common type of wood flooring. It is made out of two or more layers of wood made to form a plank.

Carpets By Don offers a wide variety of hardwood floors and styles to choose from, just give us a call and our showroom comes to you!

Our service area includes Bloomington, Bedford and Martinsville Indiana.